Our Philosophy

Our philosophy: highlighting the Cretan diet, a dietary model proven to promote health and longevity by the international scientific community, through our love for the environment and the unique nature of our island, respecting the centuries-old traditions. Needless to say that the core of our philosophy is the olive oil!

Our primary concern is offering safe products to the consumer with guaranteed quality and origin. This is why we supervise every stage of the production process of the olive oil, from the harvest to the pressing and the bottling and we constantly provide our producers with guidance in order to achieve the absolute maximum of their produce.

Thus, our olive oil reaches you under the strictest quality and safety specifications, maintaining its high nutritional value, its authentic taste and the dense aromas of the Cretan land.

Devoted to our Cretan heritage and to authenticity, we do not stand still and continue our search for new markets and new challenges.