Our History

We are a family business with a long standing tradition in olive oil production, dating back to more than 60 years. We produce our Extra Virgin Oil with “meraki”[1], high principles and values and with love for the land of our ancestors. Our land, our olive-oil mill, as well as our standardization unit are located in the area of the former province of Temenos, close to Crete’s largest city, Heraklion.

We have a long standing tradition as olive oil producers. Our company has been active in this sector since 1957, when Michalis Tsirintanis started operating our first oil mill in the village of Agios Silas. Michalis Tsirintanis was an eager olive oil producer wanting to achieve an even better quality of the oil produced in the broader region comprising the villages of Agios Silas,

Agios Vlasis, Vasilies, Malades, Profitis Ilias etc. His son, Nikolaos Tsirintanis, took over during the 80s, expanding the factory by adding two more oil presses. In 2002, the family’s third generation, Theodosis and Michalis Tsirintanis, fully updated the oil mill’s equipment, with cutting edge machinery, thus increasing the production as well as the quality of the produced olive oil. Only the best olives are handpicked from our olive groves and our oil is gained through cold extraction in our own oil mill.

The oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks and bottled using modern equipment, according to the European Union’s and the International Olive Council’s regulations.

This way, we are able to offer you an olive oil of excellent quality and taste, safeguarding all the beneficial ingredients of the olive.

[1] Meraki: do something with undivided attention and passion, with absolute devotion. To put your soul into something, to put a little bit of yourself into it.